Heartwood Rocking Horses

How to Order

To order, you can simply fill out the form below to send me an email and start the process.

Once I receive an order inquiry, we’ll create a clear idea of exactly what you want. I’ll send a bill for a refundable deposit, usually via PayPal. Once I complete the order I’ll send you a photo for approval and the final bill, including shipping and minus the deposit. Once payment is received I’ll make the shipment.

Payment is made via cash, check or PayPal. On PayPal you can pay with a credit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account. If you have concerns you can always call at 616-633-7083.


Shipping is based on location and will be calculated after an order inquiry is made. It can cost at least $500 to ship the largest horse from NC. Larger horses will be shipped on a crate via freight. I will confirm shipping costs with you before your payment is required. Payment of shipping and horse is due before it can be shipped.

Orders can also be picked up from the Asheville area. I can also deliver them within a 100 mile radius for a 50 cent per mile fee, both ways.

Damaged items

Shipping is insured by the shipping company. Damaged horses can be refunded fully, repaired or replaced. It is important to save any shipping materials and take photos if possible.


Heartwood Rocking Horses should always be used with adult supervision. Age recommendations are just a ballpark and vary depending on each child. The designs are based on time-tested traditional rocking horse construction methods. Rockers are designed to prevent tipping over, though a rough rider might be able to rock it too far and it may rock all the way over the front or back. The horse should only be used when it is standing upright on the rockers. It is possible for a child to fall off any of the horses or to squash fingers under the rockers, so please use caution. Think of it like a child riding a bike. I ride each horse to test it out, so it can hold the weight of a small adult. However, I recommend regular use by children only! Weight limits vary for each style, but I would recommend a general weight limit of 80 lbs.