Heartwood Rocking Horses

Care for your Horse or Art

Care for your Heartwood Rocking Horse:

Your horse or toy is finished with all natural food safe oil and beeswax finish that will seal the outside from some moisture and wear. Over time the wood may dry out, and I recommend applying oil every one or two years or so to keep your horse healthy. I recommend any natural oil such as walnut oil, salad bowl oil, raw linseed oil or hemp oil. I like Howard’s brand wood products, such as Feed n Wax, which are natural and can increase the shine of your wood. This would be easily available at many hardware stores.

Avoid placing your horse in extreme temperatures, humidity, dry air, intense sunlight, or water, as it may affect the wood. Your horse will behave like any other piece of fine wood furniture in your home. If the grain becomes rough or raised due to water, you can sand it lightly by hand with 400 grit paper, and apply some oil.

The horse can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap, or a natural oil or wax based furniture conditioner. Avoid any harsh cleansers or chemicals.

If your piece is finished with shellac, it should require less maintenance. But if it does seem to dry out, any oil and wax based wood product mentioned above would be safe. Never use a product containing alcohol on shellac, as it will dissolve the finish.

Wood is a moving, breathing product, and your piece may develop cracks or seams over time. This should not affect the integrity of your horse. If you think it does, be sure to contact me.

If you ever have any concerns or questions about your horse feel free to send me a note! Your toys should last a lifetime, enjoy!