Heartwood Rocking Horses

Sample Styles

Rocking Horses

rocking horse


rocking horse



carved reclaimed poplar toddler rocking horse painted green rockers wool mane and tail glass eye


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Any of the horses you have seen on the site may also be reproduced, or a custom order can be requested.


Custom Stand Alone Figures

Send me your own side-view photograph, and I’ll send you a custom 1/4 size replica! I can also create a custom horse in any general shape with your custom colors applied. Use your own horse hair or I can carve it in. Larger sizes also available. Contact me for pricing. Below is an example I created of a bay quarter horse with white blaze and white socks.

Carved Horse Head

Options abound! I’ve created a few horse head carvings, something a bit smaller scale than an entire rocking horse. Wall hanging, table art, book end, coat hook, the ideas are endless! Here are some examples: