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Relief dog carvings, I need some relief!


relief carving of german shepherd dog on cherry wood in acrylic paintsrelief carving of palomino quarter horse in poplar with milk paint and oil finishWell, I have done a few more dog carvings the past few months, as well as a horse portrait relief carving. I have really learned a lot and discovered new tools that I wish I had, such as a power engraver, or some really good paint brushes! I also learned a lot about painting. I’ve switched to acrylic paints for the dog carvings, because the milk paint wasn’t getting the detail that my clients wanted. I really learned a lot by watching a bunch of videos from Lachri Fine Art. She paints in a photo-realistic style and has a lot of helpful tips for a beginner. I never knew about glazing before!

I have to say that I am not a painter, and I think I would rather focus more on horse portrait carvings rather than dogs. Not sure what I’ll do in the future with the dogs. I’d also enjoy doing natural wood carvings more than painting them. Or perhaps just doing a light wash to give a hint of color in the future. Much more to experiment with! For now, enjoy this quick time-laps of the process of the dog carving. My video making skills still need some improvement, but one thing at a time, right?



Author: Alicia

I live and work in Asheville, NC. I've been learning to carve since 2012, and started my own rocking horse business in 2013. I've always loved drawing horses, and find those skills practiced as a teenager now come in handy as I carve each horse to life from chunks of wood. I love creating things that children can enjoy, move with, and learn from. I also love hiking through the hills of the Asheville area, swimming in the icy waterfalls, and hanging out with my husband and my dog.

2 thoughts on “Relief dog carvings, I need some relief!

  1. Please don’t give up on the dog reliefs. I find that finishing (painting) is the hardest part but you can do a lot with Danish wood stains and not have to resort to painting so much detail. Your work is excellent and should be giving you much pleasure.

    LSK Don Craig, Jr.


    • Don, thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words! I just did another dog, the first one in over a year, and it took a long time but turned out well. I may continue to do only select breeds. I still can’t carve fur!


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