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So, lately I’ve tried some new techniques. I’ve done a lot of googling, and found not a lot of clear answers. So, here’s a tribute to my questions and the answers that I discovered via trial and error. Now I know! Maybe if someone else wonders they may somehow find the info on this site!

1. Can you use the Sharpie oil paint marker on milk paint? text written in sharpie oil paint marker over milk paint with oil finish

A: Yes!

2. Can I put an oil finish over sharpie paint marker, and then finish all that with shellac?

A: Yes and NO! I oiled the sharpie paint and it was fine, no smearing. But then I was surprised that when I brushed shellac over it all the white began to smear. I ended brushing over just the white with shellac and trying to brush around the lettering after. Overall this makes the finish uneven. I’ll see later if it continues to smear with future coats. But for now I plan to stick with milk paint for lettering, especially if I plan to cover it with shellac.

3. Can I use oil to finish cedar? Can I use wax over that?

A: Yes! I used Tried and True Polymerized Linseed Oil on this lovely cedar from Honduras. Really makes the grain look amazing, and though it won’t dry in the normal way that an oil finish will because of the cedar oils, I like the look better than using a glossy finish. I then used an oil/beeswax mixture, warmed on the stove and rubbed in by hand and toothbrush, over the oil. It soaked in after a while and dried to the touch. I hope this will add some protection and prevent the oil/cedar wood from drying out to quickly.

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Author: Alicia

I live and work in Asheville, NC. I've been learning to carve since 2012, and started my own rocking horse business in 2013. I've always loved drawing horses, and find those skills practiced as a teenager now come in handy as I carve each horse to life from chunks of wood. I love creating things that children can enjoy, move with, and learn from. I also love hiking through the hills of the Asheville area, swimming in the icy waterfalls, and hanging out with my husband and my dog.

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